Can't Sleep? Redecorate Your BedroomCan't Sleep? Redecorate Your Bedroom

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Can't Sleep? Redecorate Your Bedroom

I have always had trouble falling asleep for no good reason. One thing I noticed while on a trip out of town one day was that I slept great at the hotel. I tried to think of why this occurred, and the main things that stuck out to me were that the hotel room was clutter-free and I loved the decor. I decided to redecorate my bedroom not to perfectly match the hotel room, but to organize the clutter and create a room that I just loved. It helped, and instead of dreading bedtime, I began to look forward to entering my beautiful oasis I created for myself. I started sleeping like a baby. I created this blog to encourage you to look into redecorating your bedroom in you have sleeping troubles. It worked for me.


3 Features To Carefully Consider When Buying A Tiny Home

A lot of people are making the decision to downsize from a normal-size house to a tiny house, and this decision is made primarily so that families have more money to spend on others things in life, such as vacations. If you are thinking about buying a tiny house, here are three features to pay close attention to as you look for the right tiny house to buy.


The kitchen is often considered the favorite room in a house, primarily because this is where the food is. If you absolutely love to cook and eat meals together as a family, you must look for a tiny house that will allow you to do these things. Many tiny homes have small kitchens with appliances that are very small, but there are others that have full-size appliances and kitchens large enough for a kitchen table.

If you are the type of person that really does not cook a lot, finding a home with a small kitchen would probably be fine. If you do this, you might find that there is more space in the living room and bedroom in the home.


The bathroom in your tiny house is also an important feature to consider. As you look at tiny homes, you may notice that some have bathtubs and others just have showers. If you love baths or have small children, choosing one with a bathtub will be a necessity. If no one in your house uses a bathtub, finding one with a shower would free up more space to be used for other purposes.

Storage Space

If you currently have a normal-size home and are going to downsize, you will have to accept the fact that you will not be able to bring all your things with you. You will probably have to get rid of a lot of things to make this move; however, you will have to bring some of your stuff. Because you will still need things, you should look carefully at the amount of storage space the tiny house has that you are looking at.

Most tiny homes utilize creative methods for storage space, but there are also tiny homes that really do not have any storage space. So as you look at tiny homes, think about whether the storage space each has will be ample for your needs.

As you begin searching for the right house, be sure to keep these three factors in mind. To learn more, contact a company like Big Foot Tiny Homes.